Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Go Green Plumbing is to be the leading Plumbing Service Company in the Greensboro, High Point and surrounding areas of Jamestown, Brown Summit, Summerfield, and Oak Ridge, North Carolina, by providing quality work and unsurpassed customer service from a professional and reliable team, while operating with the upmost honesty and integrity.24_7 logo

We seek to provide these services in the timeliest manner, with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program. Go Green Plumbing views each contract as an agreement, not between a business and its customer, but between partners who wish to create a close and mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

Pete Green, owner, Go Green Plumbing
Pete Green, owner, Go Green Plumbing

The objectives of Go Green Plumbing are:

  • To be a positive leader and key contributor within the community
  • To provide a safe, stable, and prosperous work environment for the owners and employees
  • To be the best in the plumbing industry by hiring and retaining honest, dedicated, and trained professionals
  • To implement revolutionary technology, software, and specialized tools and equipment in order to deliver the best quality work and customer service in the community
  • To be the company that the “best of the best” technicians in the community want to work for
  • To operate in a profitable manner to ensure future growth and success

Go Green Plumbing is available around the clock as we service plumbing customers 24/7 in our service area. Unlike some plumbers that quote you an hourly rate, Go Green Plumbing quotes you a project rate so you will know up front how much a particular job or project will cost.