Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

Why go with Go Green Plumbing? We roll out the Green Carpet service!


Pete Green of Go Green Plumbing understands the plumbing business well. Pete has more than 20 years of experience in the plumbing business and has both managed and serviced thousands of residential plumbing jobs.  That’s one reason he’s passionate about offering personalized, quality plumbing service.  He understands you want someone you can trust with experience but yet is fanatical about being clean! Don’t let someone track dirt and mud in your home!

Our highly-trained technicians are available 24/7 to solve your residential plumbing problems.  We pride ourselves on quick dispatch times, upfront and fair pricing, superior customer service, and utmost professionalism.  If you live in the Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown,  Brown Summit, Summerfield or Oak Ridge, North Carolina areas– you can count on Go Green for all of your plumbing needs.

Go Green Plumbing handles all types of plumbing issues in order to keep your water safe for bathing, cooking and drinking! We put our customers first and offer affordable options to plumbing problems.


  • Leaking Pipes- don’t let leaking pipes cost you money!  We can find the source of the leak and repair them quickly.
  • Frozen Pipes- when pipes burst due to freezing, your home could flood.  Let us help you with preventative measures!
  • Clogged Pipes- have a drain that’s stopped up? No problem, we can easily locate the problem and get water moving again quickly


  • Water Heaters-we repair and install all types of water heaters in homes. We can service or install gas, electric, tankless or hybrid water heaters and will give you options that best fit your needs. Read more here. 
  • Boilers- do you have an older home with a boiler to heat your water?  We are able to service residential boilers as well


Did you know you needed a licensed plumber to handle your bathroom or kitchen remodel?  We have a great amount of experience with remodeling projects so your plumbing, wiring and electricity all stay safe.  Go Green Plumbing also has years of experience with adding kitchens and bathrooms to basements and bonus rooms!


  • Garbage Disposals- let Go Green Plumbing safely install or repair your garbage disposal to keep your kitchen running smoothly!
  • Sinks, Pot Fillers, Gas Lines- we can add to an existing kitchen or new kitchen with ease
  • Outdoor Kitchens- let us help make entertaining a breeze with a gorgeous outdoor kitchen


  • Pumps- we can install, repair or replace sewer ejection, well or sump pumps and recirculation pumps and systems in your home.
  • Repipe-Sewer and Water Lines- Go Green Plumbing has the ability to install, repair or replace your sewer and water lines, even in concrete slabs.
  • Hose Bibs/Yard Hydrants- Need water at the back of your property?  We can install, replace or repair hot or cold hose bibs and yard hydrants.
  • Water Treatment and Purification
  • Hydro Jetting- Go Green Plumbing owns and operates a trailer mounted Jetter designed to clear lines as small as 2 inches in diameter all the way to lines as large as 12 inches in diameter.  Sewer Jetters are powerful drain cleaning machines that use high-pressure water and high flow rates to clear and clean sewer, drain and municipal lines.
  • Sewer Camera Inspections & Locating-With today’s technology and equipment, we can ensure that drain lines are clean, correctly operating and that our efforts to serve them have made a positive impact.   Our Sewer & Drain Video Inspection equipment features High Definition industrial camera’s with the industry’s leading push cables as well as a fully mobile monitor with recording capabilities.
  • Well repair