Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer CameraGo Green Plumbing proudly offers both commercial sewer and drain cleaning and residential sewer and drain cleaning services to our entire service area in Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Brown Summit, Summerfield, and Oak Ridge, North Carolina. Go Green Plumbing has the equipment needed to complete full inspections and will locate and pinpoint sewer & drain lines that have issues. Go Green Plumbing owns and operates some of the best tools in the industry such as:

Sewer & Drain Cable Machines (also known as “Rooters”, “Snakes” and “Augers”).clearing a pipe with a snake vs a hydro jetter

Go Green Plumbing owns and operates multiple types of continuous cable machines. Continuous cable machines are an industry standard for most professional plumbers & drain cleaners around the globe. These machines feature a motor that can drive a steel wound cable as much as 100 feet or more down a clogged sewer or drain line. A special head at the end of the cable is used depending on the job at hand.

Continuous cable machines are normally built with cable drums in order to store the cable and keep the dirty water and solids prior to, during and after the work from dripping or spraying onto nearby surfaces. Most plumbers have multiple machines and multiple heads to tackle different jobs, with careful review and attention to detail, the service technician will choose the machine that best fits the job at hand.

Sectional cable machines are a bit less popular in the plumbing industry due to the time and effort needed to complete the average job. These machines feature a similar motor that drives a steel wound cable (much like that of a continuous cable machine) however the cable is sectional. Each section must be “bolted” or “coupled” together as the cable is fed or retrieved down the sewer line. Most rental companies offer these machines due to the ease of transport to the customer’s property. Unlike continuous cable machines, the cables are normally exposed before, during and after the drain cleaning exercise, which tends to make a mess by allowing the dirty water & solids from the work to drip or spray onto nearby surfaces.

Sewer & Drain Jetting Equipment (also known as “Hydro-Jetters” and “Water Jetters”).hydro jetter

Go Green Plumbing owns and operates a trailer mounted Jetter designed to clear lines as small as 2 inches in diameter all the way to lines as large as 12 inches in diameter. Sewer Jetters are powerful drain cleaning machines that use high-pressure water and high flow rates to clear and clean sewer, drain and municipal lines. High-pressure sewer Jetters consist of a pump, motor, hose reel(s), water storage tank (high volume only), hoses and a wide variety of Jetter Nozzles.

Jetters must be adapted for use on each specific job and selecting the correct hose size as well as determining the nozzle that will get the job done is key. Sometimes multiple nozzles are needed to tackle any given sewer cleaning job.

The benefits to Sewer Jetting VS Cable Machines are as follows:

  • Sewer Jetters don’t only unstop or unclog a pipe, they remove all sludge, slime, grease and any other debris from pipes, leaving behind what almost looks like brand new pipes!
  • With the right nozzle and chemical additive, a sewer Jetter can destroy and eliminate tree roots within a pipe. Sometimes allowing the owner to hold off on costly sewer and drain replacements.
  • If a sewer Jetter is a good option for your specific problem, it generally carries a guarantee. Sewer Jetters can also flush sand, silt, gravel and even things like loose bricks & concrete from lines which traditional sewer cable machines are unable to do.

Sewer & Drain Video Inspection Equipment, such as digital high-definition camera reels with mobile monitors.

Years ago plumbers would make educated “guesses” about where a problem existed in a sewer line. Most plumbers, even to this day don’t follow up their drain cleaning efforts with a camera to ensure the blockage or issue has been properly addressed.

With today’s technology and equipment, we can ensure that drain lines are clean, correctly operating and that our efforts to serve them have made a positive impact.   Our Sewer & Drain Video Inspection equipment features High Definition industrial camera’s with the industry’s leading push cables as well as a fully mobile monitor with recording capabilities. All of our main drain line (3in and larger) cleaning efforts come included with a free quick inspection of the drain line to ensure that the line has been cleared and that there are no other hidden issues that may need to be resolved. Our inspection also includes Sonde’s which you can read about below.

Sewer & Drain Sonde Locating Equipment

Guess, then dig, guess, then dig… The common way to find, inspect and correct an issue with buried piping. Which is also the wrong way! Go Green Plumbing owns and operates specialized equipment in order to pinpoint an issue within the ground.

By using video inspection equipment that includes a Sonde beacon, we can send out a signal from the Camera head within the underground pipe once an issue is found. The Sonde then transmits a ground penetrating signal to the surface that we are able to receive with a locator wand. The equipment not only tells us where the issue is but also tells us the depth from the surface, eliminating the need to “Guess, then dig, guess, then dig”.